Arisha Boyrangee is a Life and Mindset coach based in the UK.
Dec 13, 2021

Why Work With a Life Coach?


By Arisha






Why Life Coaching?



Arisha Boyrangee is a Life and Mindset coach based in the UK.

As an experienced life coach in the UK, I support my clients to improve their current life. 


Life coaching can be used as a tool to create better routines, and can be used to find people’s full potential. 


It supports you by showing you how to show up for yourself. 


It’s not all about teaching you a new way, but more about discovering what is stopping you from living to your full potential. 


Why Not Therapy?


Therapy is utilised more for specific illnesses or disorders.


Why Not Counselling?


Counselling is  made for one specific issue that you may be going through. 


Who is coaching for?


Coaching is literally for anyone, but in my opinion is for everyone. 


I feel everyone would get value from working with a coach. 


There is no end to the specific coaches out there and it can be difficult to pin down what you really want. 



Arisha Boyrangee is a Life and Mindset coach based in the UK.

That’s why life coaching is a great place to start. 


You can start to evaluate your life as a whole, and use it as a place to work from.


I’ve mentioned before, but one of the first conversations I have with my new life coaching clients is to assess where you currently are in your life, how you would rate each section of your life. 


This is to highlight to you where you feel like you need the most attention and work.


This task is called the Wheel of Everything. 


It always brings up a lot of emotions and highlights all that you currently feel you need to work on. 


This is a good place to start when you have no idea what you want to do with your life, when all you have been doing is trying to stay above the water for so long. 


This tool is all about taking a step back, taking an overview of where you have come and where you want to go. 


The reason this can be emotional is, at times when you don’t know what direction to go in, you dig deeper into the path you are currently on. 


For example, if you don’t really love your job, you work harder to get better at it, to advance in the company. 


However, this may not be the answer. 


Taking an overview of your life highlights all the parts of your life that you have been neglecting, and that can sometimes be a lot. 

Life coaching takes everything back to the basics 


The path through unlearning who you currently are is probably the hardest part, but also the most necessary. 


You see, all throughout our lives, we learn from others, until we believe in ourselves enough to take control of our own lives, and understand that we all have our own purpose. 


We grow and take on other peoples beliefs as our own, because they make sense and have kept them safe and secure. 


We believe others because we trust them, we love them, we believe in them. 


But what we are not taught is how to do all of that for ourselves. 


That is where I feel life coaching really has become a necessity in people’s lives. 


Arisha Boyrangee is a Life and Mindset coach based in the UK.

You see a life coach’s role is to reflect back to you what you are putting out into the world. 


Sometimes we cannot see all the fears that we throw up, before we have given life a real chance. 


For example, I know it took me a year before I really believed that I could start my own business. 


Not the information that I needed, or all of the coaching I know now, but to simply register my business. 


A whole year!!!


I needed to fight all of the limiting beliefs, old life patterns, and things that I trusted but did not serve me at all. 


I had to create a completely new self belief, that i could do it, do it my way and do it alone. 


This is really important if you are beginning to see what you feel like you are missing. It is up to you to truly know what you are connected to. 




Another way having a life coach helps is to keep you accountable


One of my main complaints before I hired my life coach was that I seriously lacked discipline to stick to my plans and the things I used to promise myself. 


I used to know exactly what I had to do, to achieve a healthy body, and stay on top of all of the business stuff, but I couldn’t wake up early enough, or stay focused to actually get anything done properly. 


Knowing that every week I would have a meeting with my coach to discuss the outcome of my actions, and how far I had come, kept me moving forward. 


There is something about knowing you have to report back to someone, and tell them why you did or did not complete a task that makes you want to do it even more. 


But also have someone to talk to about why you didn’t accomplish the task to increase your awareness around your self sabotaging habits. 


You see, we can be so mean to ourselves, and knowing that you have a life coach to pick up on all of your negative output and create space for you to reframe it in order for you to start loving yourself more instead of beating yourself up every time you fall is part of self development.

You can live in your head for too long


So many people think that they are right, because they have thought the same thought over and over again in their minds and it becomes your reality. 


Firstly, this reality has been created by you and your history, and it may not be working for your best interests.


If you have lived in fear or limitations you’ve built your world from this place. 


Not knowing what is reality and what is not, can sometimes be tough when you’ve had the same belief for so long. 


For example, believing that you have to work your way up from the bottom. 


This is a belief that I had for the longest time. But it simply is not true. 


You can start from anywhere, especially if you are capable of stepping into your power, using your expertise and experience, and that is something I had to learn the hard and very lengthy way. 


But now I know I have skills that are so useful and I know exactly how to use them. 


I do not have to start from the bottom, and respect myself enough to achieve what I deserve. 


This is what I mean when I say stepping into your power. 


There are so many more benefits to hiring a life coach, more than I can mention, but these are the ones that I found the most life changing. 


If you read something that resonated with you, and want to work with a life coach based in the UK, feel free to get in contact with me, I’d be happy to discuss more. 


Arisha Boyrangee is a Life and Mindset coach based in the UK.

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