Arisha Boyrangee is a life coach in the UK.
Dec 20, 2021

3 Life Coaching and

Life-Changing Lessons

By Arisha

What Kind of Coach I am, and Why

My Experience as a Life Coach in the UK


I’ve had quite a few kinds of coaches in my time, as all journeys develop gradually. 


Throughout your journey you will need all kinds of support. 


Think about the many years/ levels of schooling we all go through. 


Life is the same, when we get our first real job, then what we do to get to the next stage of our life and so on. 


You see, everyone is different. 


You may want to buy your first house, travel, start a family, start your own business, or something completely different. 


I started with business coaches to help me understand how to set myself up in the online world, something that is ever evolving and changing. 


I soon realised that a mindset coach was what I really needed, as you can have all the information in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself you will continuously self sabotage. 


I was the one that was holding on to the past version of myself so much so I couldn’t get out of my own way,  following in my old footsteps. 


I see this pattern in my clients too. 


It’s very difficult to let go of who you are used to being, and build a new version of yourself, especially on your own. 


I went through a few courses of business coaching, including one that lasted for a whole year. 


All of the coaching I have had has supported my business in one way or another, but the best parts are the reason why I am the life coach I am today. 


It’s our experiences that make us who we are.


We hold our history in our actions and behaviours, and if we are not aware of them we repeat the un-aligned patterns that keep us safe and not happy. 


So I started with a mindset coach, and this grew my manifestation and mindset journey. 


Manifestation wasn’t a new concept but I never really understood how it worked, or why it worked. 


But I love noticing the way the universe works and how your own patterns and behaviours can open or block opportunities. 



How I Help My Life Coach Clients


From all of the experience I have most definitely shifted into a different kind of coach than I started from in the corporate coaching world. 


I mainly work one to one with individuals, as I love seeing the changes in people through working with them over a period of time. 


This is something I really missed, because people would only have a certain amount of sessions so I couldn’t support them through their whole journey.


Life coaching for me and my clients is all about the journey


You start off with a path that you think you were supposed to be on, that would make you happy, the one that everyone seems to be on also. 


But for some reason, something is not right, something feels off. 


Once you start realising that there are life coaches out there that are able to support you, through knowing that something has to change


This part is really important as it is a life coach’s job to reflect back to you why you are not able to achieve your desired life. 


This is a major part of mindset, as when you realise you have been looking at things in a way that shields you for being open about how to get to what you want, and understand there are other beliefs that you are capable of taking on, to help you achieve what you want. 

You realise you have been holding yourself back.  A good life coach is able to show you these points, and able to highlight the cycles you are going through that sabotage your journey.


Arisha Boyrangee is a life coach in the UK.

Releasing What Doesn’t Serve You

The first stages are all about unlearning who you want to change. 

The parts of you that do not serve your bigger picture. 

Envisioning your future, but also needing to become the person that goes for all the things you dream of, is growth. But the unlearning has to happen before you are able to move forward. 

In a lot of UK life coaching programs I’ve noticed this part is massively missing. It’s needed as you have to see the habits that are not serving you in order to let them go, to create space for what will serve you, and what will develop the skill that you need to become the best version of yourself. 

And Creating New Habits That Do

The next stage will be to create a routine that supports you as you are your habits. The way you utilise your time, and what you do with it, makes all the difference. 

This is the thing that will make the biggest difference to your life. 

It will make you see time completely differently. 

You will understand that the amount of time you really have compared to what you used to use your time for. 

This is what made a huge difference to what I could do, and also how I started my business whilst I was working full time. 

Once you have unlearned all your habits that do not suit your future lifestyle and created habits that suited your higher self, it’s time to build the dream life. 

Get a plan of action that suits you and your lifestyle. 

This is where a lot of people struggle as you have to balance having a life, creating and sticking to your new habits, and going into a new direction. 

This part brings up a lot of limiting beliefs, and a lot of fears. 

Which is why having a life coach at this stage is key to support your growth forward, and not fall into old habits, just because it’s tough. 

This whole journey has many ups and downs and trials and tribulations. 

My role as a life coach is to support this journey. 

To listen to all of your ups and downs but to highlight where you have room to grow. 


Arisha Boyrangee is a life coach in the UK.

I’ve highlighted a few lessons that changed the direction of how I support my clients in hopes that they show you how you are able to learn and grow yourself too. 


Lesson 1 – Realising What You’re Capable Of


Once you start on a path of growth you cannot stop. All of a sudden you realise that you are capable of massive change, and suddenly you realise all the things that you have been holding yourself back from. 


This is always a turning point for my clients, realising how they are able to grow in ways that they forgot they used to dream of. 


One of my clients always loved cooking. She was in the beauty field, and after a few sessions realised that she wanted to start her own Youtube channel cooking with her family, doing something that allowed her to be herself and share her love to the world. 


She always says to this day she would never have taken the plunge without doing the mindset work first. 


Lesson 2 – How You Take in Information is So Important


When you learn something,  you can stick to the information or you can make it your own and relevant for your way of life. We learn so much from the outside world, but never stop to think if this is worthy of our attention or not.


Will it support you in your goals? 


Does it help you hone your skills and highlight your expertise for your purpose?


Is this something that you need to learn as a stepping stone?


Will this help the people around you too?


You need to assess the information you receive in a manner that supports your requirements in order to create awareness around what is a limiting belief and what is a positive belief. 


This difference is the one that matters the most when you’re trying to change direction in life.


Lesson 3 – Your Growth is Exponential


Once you start on your growth path you never stop expanding. You find new and interesting topics that you love, and get into, and realise that there is so much more to life than you knew before. 


It’s like a waterfall of excitement. You realise there are so many areas of interests that are connected to what you are currently into.


For example, for me it started as life coaching and understanding the different types of coaching, that grew into mindset, manifestation, biohacking and so on. 


This happens as soon as you start. It’s really enlightening to know every human is capable of expanding exponentially. 


These lessons taught me you can really be whoever you want to be, and do whatever you want to do. The only limitations are ones that you create yourself. 


If you are ready to start your journey and want to work with a life coach based in the UK, book a call with me. 


Arisha. x

Arisha Boyrangee is a life coach in the UK.

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