My 7 favourite life changing habits that you can start acting on straight away.
Sep 20, 2021

7 Life Changing Habits to Start Today

By Arisha

I know I have said this before, but we are the sum of our habits – are you practicing life changing habits or some not so great ones?


So when I started on my own personal development journey, habits were a huge deal. 


I wanted to be the best version of me, like all the amazing coaches online, and do all the things and be all the places. 


So of course, me being me, wanted to make all the changes right now. 


Wake up at 5, eat clean, work out twice a day, get 10,000 steps in, speaking to everyone online, post 4 times a day, always look put together, always be hustling, always be on, and have the answer for everything. 


Just FYI! None of this is needed, you have to find your own rhythm, and what works for you. 

The right habits, repeated consistently, can truly be life-changing

sOf course, everyone starts by studying the greats and seeing what they do. I did notice everyone did a morning routine, which involved meditation, some form of workout, and read. 

So naturally, I had to find my own pattern. 

There were things that I let go of, and things that I cannot ever let go of. 

The first was finding my morning routine.


My morning routine is meditation, shower, journal, and reading. 

I sometimes throw in a smoothie and walk. But that’s the gist of it. 

I cannot tell you how easy it is to drop one of them and not feel anything. 

The times that I have let my morning routine slip, I find my emotions take over, I start to overthink, and I’m generally unkind to myself. But all this realization came after trying to grow for quite some time. You have to heighten your awareness to find what works and what doesn’t.  

Here’s a breakdown of the life changing habits I’ve made a part of my routine.

My Life Changing Habits



1. Meditation – one of the life changing habits for anyone!

I meditate first, as it helps start my day off slowly. It’s that part where I need to get up, but don’t want to. I use guided meditation and I love a soothing voice first thing in the morning. Meditation helps me focus and centre myself. I used  to think about what I needed to do, and stay in bed. But changing things towards doing what you love, you feel the pressure of getting up and at it. Meditation allows that time for you to be you, and not get distracted, or to feel too busy to give yourself time first thing.


2. Getting ready for my day


Next, I get out of bed, make your bed and get ready. I know this is everyone’s morning routine, but I also throw in a glass of water, and my skincare. Its really important to acknowledge the things that you do as part of your routine, as they do take up time in your day and are necessities, but putting things in order helps me feel like i’m on track.

So I know I’ve looked after my body first thing too.


Journaling is a life changing habit that's also been a form of manifestation and part of my emotional intelligence journey.


3. Journalling


Next, I journal, as a form of manifestation, but also part of my emotional intelligence journey.


I feel when I am able to get my thoughts out on paper, it helps allow me to get things out that we don’t notice and go on without checking in with how we really feel. 


Because a lot of what I do, I use my energy for, I like to clear that first before starting anything. 


4. Reading


Next, I read. Me and my friend Bonnie, have a book club focusing on books for our personal development, and I love it because we both read so much, it’s so nice to read with someone. So I take my morning moment to read for about 20 minutes. It’s also something I believe people should take more time to do. To expand their worlds, especially as travelling is not the best right now. 

5. Walking  


If I have the time I’ll go for a walk, which is a new addition to my mornings, and it’s one of those activities and is quickly relying on to change my mood, and to become more grounded. 


But all of these things have helped me massively, on my emotional journey, on my knowledge and growth journey and to feel more myself, and not rely on others to solve my problems for me. 

6. Preparing the next day’s to-do list


Another life changing habit I have that is set for me, is writing my to-do list the day before. 


I do this so I can add things I didn’t manage to achieve the day of, but also, I know what is more important before I start my day, so I know what is coming up.

7. Ending the day with three lists 


The first is one thing I could do better. This is a list of things I would change with my day if I could. 


This helps me see where I am able to improve but also where I may be adding too much to my plate. 


The second is – what am I celebrating today?


I have to celebrate at least one thing. I have to recall one part of my day where I am proud of myself, or I loved the work that I did or something that made the day memorable. 


I look back on my time working in the corporate world and think I know there were good times, but I mostly remember the bad. 


I don’t want my life to be like that. So everyday I celebrate a little something. 


Finally, what am I grateful for?


This is a huge one, and sometimes it’s the big things, but sometimes, it’s things like my shiny hair or a delicious apple. I think the small stuff makes everything better. 


Gratitude every day is something that we all should practice, to remind ourselves of how amazing this world really is. 


I hope these have inspired you to start your own life changing habits and to focus inwards to what you really feel you need. 


I would love for you to try some of these habits out and tell me how they made you feel in the comments below, or schedule a time for us to talk. 


Lots of love, 




I hope these habits have inspired you to create your own life changing habits and to focus inwards to what you really feel you need.

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