How to find your passion and make it your career
Feb 28, 2022

How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Career

By Arisha

Getting Started With How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Career

The first step in how to find your passion and make it your career is always the hardest – finding out what you actually want to do

Listen, I know that we all had dreams at some point in our lives, but we have forgotten about them. 

Or maybe not… 

Your subconscious already knows what you are drawn to. It’s your conscious part that you needs to accept it. 

That is the switch when it comes to how to find your passion and make it your career. 

We all have our thing that we are passionate about – for some people its puzzles, some its home decor, others it’s organising your mates birthday. 

But whatever really fills you up with joy, and makes you feel happy and accomplished are the things that can help you with how to find your passion and make it your career. 

I remember when I first found coaching, and I realised that this was something I already do with friends and family, and that I can actually make a career out of it. I was aliated, and could not believe my luck that I had found my way to fulfil all of my values in one carrer. 

It took research, time and a lot of effort, but when you really connect to the thing that you love, it is all worth it. 

How to find your passion and make it your career

How I did it, and what I would have changed when it comes to how to find to your passion and make it your career: 

1. Follow your curiosity


I have always been into writing hence the blog, but before I found coaching I didn’t really have much to write about. 

It was only when I found my passion, it was then it really filled my whole life. But before this I needed to really try a lot of different career paths, and I had a lot of hobbies. 

I had friends that felt the same way, so we tried something new every single month, which was so much fun, but also let us show our personalities and what our loves were to each other. This really is the most fun way to find your passion.


2. Invest. 

I’m going to say this now early on:If you want to take something seriously you will need to invest in it. 

Whether it’s a class, a mentor, a coach or equipment. You need to start taking your interest seriously, especially if they change your state of being. 

For example if you have had a bad day, but you walk into a dance class and it instantly lifts your mood, so much so you never miss a class. This needs to become a non negotiable. 

That is what makes it worth it, not anything else. 

How to find your passion and make it your career

3.Create your own version. 


Yes sometimes this part is a little difficult, but that is what you need to create in your own little corner. 


If it’s yoga, create your own class, or if it’s cards, make them in your own humour. 


But make it your own, so you know how you can talk about it to other people and begin to stand out in a crowd. If you speak about it, in a way that resonates with others, then you have found your tribe too. 


4. You do not need it all at the beginning. 


I remember thinking that I needed a site, a coach, a mailing system, an organisation system, an accountant, and so much more. 


But in reality I didn’t. You need what you actually need, not what everyone else has. 


So find out for yourself what you truly need to start off with. One of the best ways to do this is to actually talk to people in that industry. Find someone who acts like a mentor, or someone who shares a lot on social media to support you. 

 5. Learn your craft. 


It’s one thing to be into art, but if you’re really no good, then you either need to get good, or this is not going to be your next career. 


So get really good, so much so that people follow you on social media, your friends start coming to you for advice, and begin to refer you to others, because you have become so good at it. 

How to find your passion and make it your career

6. Learn from those who are where you want to be


Coaching really did have my name written all over it, but I am one of those people who needs to know everything about the thing before I begin so I trained up even though I already have a Psychology degree. 


I then followed people who were doing it the way I wanted to and learnt as much as I could from them. 


I hired people who would help me, and balanced out what they were doing with what I was learning. 


So there is a point where you will be learning because you love the subject, but what you really need to do when it comes to taking steps in how to find your passion and make it your career is to take action and become a leader. Which is why it is best to have your own method first.  


This point is always confusing to everyone. It is so important to recognise when you are the one who has become the expert and know how to do it. Then, you’ll no longer need to be a student. 


7. Not everyone else will understand


Just because it’s your passion not everyone around you will agree with the decisions you will make around this thing nor should you need them to support you. 


As this is your journey and only you are meant to understand it. Leave space for people to not understand, but DO NOT let that stop you. 


We are each drawn to things for a reason, and it is up to us to follow them, not our whole family. So be ok with being on your own, and guiding yourself. There are so many facebook groups and insta accounts that are out there for you to join and connect with that will understand what you are doing and where you are coming from. 

 8. Get clear on whether you have a hobby or a business

Learning the difference between treating something like a hobby and like a business are two very different mentalities. 


You know you have a hobby when you don’t put your all into it, and it’s only considered as a part time thing


If you know this is your thing and you are ready to go all out then this is where you need to level up your efforts. A business costs money but should also give you a return on your investments. So understand the money factor as well as the time and effort factor. They should both bring you joy, and both create more of you in a good way, but a business should be run like a business.


How to find your passion and make it your career

How to find your passion and make it your career: Start by taking action on something you have dreamt of:

1. Lists 

I am a massive list maker, in fact my notes app is just a 100s of list for various things. Lol

But in all seriousness, list out all of the things that you know you are good at, and love to do. 

So much so you could teach it to someone already. You may not be an expert yet, but you could defo share all of your lessons so far. 

2. Joy

This is really important. I strongly believe that we are all meant to be happy in life. We should not settle for just joyous moments, but live with joy all the time. 

We should love what we do, who we are with and what we see in the mirror. It should all make us happy. 

If you have that one thing that makes you so happy, then that is the thing that you should pursue. 

No matter what, you will always be happy if you follow your joy. 

3. Values

Your values are yours alone, yes you may have similar ones to those around you but you have a connection to your value for a specific reason. 

Usually those reasons are emotional ones. Your values will match what lights you up and working within your values is how you should run your business. Within your values is your personal blueprint of how you like to run things, and what is important to you. 

So follow them, and remember they are your own values so you are the one that has to uphold them.

4. Purpose

Having a belief around you are here for a reason, only strengthens my belief that we were all meant to do something with our lives. 

That thing is only known by ourselves, and that’s why this journey can seem like a lonely one, but it is ours alone that we need to fulfil. Whether you call it your purpose or your mission or your state, you do have a reason for being here and this can be found by understanding what the things that you enjoy mean to you. 

Finding your purpose makes it all the more important when it comes to how to find your passion and make it your career.

5. Do it alone, and tell no one 

But only If you know your friends and family won’t understand or will put all of their fears onto you. The worst part is that you are mostly alone on this journey of self discovery, but the best part is that you are alone and get to do it your way. 

This part of your life is all about you and you alone. Not what others think of you, or how others have done it before you. 

It’s about you figuring it all out your way. The learning never ends, but that is the best part: you are learning about yourself and how you like to show up in this world. 

That’s what makes life so interesting and so exciting. 

6. Trying is the only way I know how to find what fits, and makes you feel amazing. 

You will never know unless you give it a go. That is the hard truth. 

You have to give it a go or forget about it. If you still think about really loving jewellery and have thought about designing your own line and never actually do it, you will always regret never giving it a really good go. 

It’s not easy learning so many new skills, but it is all worth it. 

You need to do more than just dip your toe in, it has to be a commitment to being more you in your own life.

7. Try the things you yearn for more of, massages, meals at nice places, tours in interesting cities. 

Self love is a form of discovery. It’s not just about the fact that we all need ‘me’ time, but more about how you feel when you are just you without needing anything or thinking you need to be achieving all the time. Self care is your time to breathe, treat yourself, find out a new skill, or meet new people. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will see every now and again, I will go on solo dates, because that is where I treat myself how I want to be treated and show myself a good time. lol 

If you want to discuss this further, please email me and let’s have a real chat. 


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