How starting new habits can help create the life you want and the 5 things to do before you begin
Sep 6, 2021

5 Things to do Before Starting a New Habit

By Arisha

What are habits?

Habits are the rituals that we perform regularly that shape our lives. 


I would even go as far as to say, you are your habits. Which is why they are so important. 


If you are not loving your current setup and can’t see a way out, I highly recommend you look at the habits that you stick to every day. 


I see it all the time, when people get stuck in a rut, and don’t understand why their life is still on a path to nowhere. 


It’s because they haven’t changed any habits so nothing else will change in their life. 


But you are reading this, so I’m going to assume you are ready to make real changes, changes that are for the better.

Story Time

At the beginning of every year I make a resolution to get fit. 


I have made this resolution for as long as I can remember.


I do not love the gym or love working out, but I make it every single year, and every single year I fail. 



The first step in starting a new habit is to have an awareness of what your best self needs and wants

This is what I have figured out from years of growing and developing into my best self: 


  1. I have not implemented the right habits in my life to get me into working out.
  2. I don’t think of it as a priority over what I currently am doing.
  3. I don’t use the right language around making a change for the better.
  4. I don’t want it enough. 


When you begin to look at the habits you wanted to start and didn’t stick to you need to look out for the reasons, not the excuses, as to why.


For me, never becoming that girl in the gym meant that my current habits of living my life do not match up to the person who is fit and healthy, who focuses on being strong and working out. 


This is because I have not yet set up the new habits that are in line with this version of myself. 


As much as I want this part of me to come to fruition, I am not yet ready to make real changes in my life. 


I have things that I want to achieve that take priority over achieving this particular goal. 


This type of acknowledgement of what I need and what I want to work towards is really important when you think about what new habits you want to start and compare them to what you want to grow into. 

There are 5 things you must do before starting a new habit to be successful

Before you begin going down the route of “I’m going to change everything about myself, move to a new country, buy a new wardrobe, and shave my head”,  there are a few things I need you to know about how to start a new habit. 


5 Things to Do Before Starting a New Habit


1. Understand what you want


When you want to be better for example – better with money, better with relationships, better with your job – you have to want them more or the same as everything else in your life


If you don’t actually want it, it won’t really happen, because you don’t have that need. 


It’s within that need, that craving that you grow your discipline. 


You see the space for it in your life already, and you understand how starting this new habit will support you becoming the best version of yourself. 


2. Get clear on WHY you really want this


Most people fall into that trap of wanting what everyone else has, so really think about why you want what you want. 


Get in shape to fit into that dress, or get fit because you don’t want to be seen as letting yourself go. 


Understand that what you want needs to come to you. I see the cycle of when I get skinny I’ll be happy, or when I start saving I’ll feel more like an adult. 


It is all about how you feel, and how you look at your life five years from now. 


Where do you want to be? 


Do your current habits match up to that person currently or do you need to change and start new ones for you to become the version of yourself you wish to be?


3. Make a priority list


I suggest you prioritize the things that you want to achieve, based on how important they are to you. 


You can achieve multiple things, but we have to start small first. It’s not about overloading yourself, so you feel overwhelmed, start to overthink and quit. 


We want the journey to be fun, and you need to start noticing the little shifts and moments of growth, as well as downfalls, to be able to learn from them. 


Notice each day that you achieve your new habit, and learn from that experience so you are better prepared for the next day. 


Also, don’t rush the process. If it becomes hard, or you’re starting to struggle to keep it up,  then find ways of making it easier, like changing the time, or the space you’re in. 


4. Become that person


So when you want to start your own business, one of the biggest changes is to give yourself a new title. 


Now for most, this is the first time you are the one in charge of this task. So it becomes a huge deal. 


But with starting new habits, it’s really easy. You lean into the part of you that is this way. 


So going to the gym becomes “I am a gym member”. Take ownership of the change you want to make, and become that version of you who already is that way. 


Give yourself that new title, that new step up, and see yourself as this new version when you start to associate yourself. 


5. Decide how you are going to track your new habit 


The reason why most people now have a timer that you can check in on and see how much time you’ve spent on a task is because we do not really know where all of our time goes


Being able to track our good days and the days that we are not able to complete our new habit, is really important information. 


Understanding the days and hours you are your most productive, and least productive, can give you amazing insight into when you should be scheduling your new habit. 


Or you can try to habit stack and tag on your new habit with one of the habits you already do. 


For example, I love going for a walk. But I also need to keep reading, so I will put an Audible book on whilst I walk, go grocery shopping, or am on my treadmill. 


I hope these have helped you create a better environment for you to create your best self. 


I want you to consider the environment in which you are growing as much as what you are growing into, as these steps will support your growth tremendously.


If you want to make real change and need to know how to get started, book a call with me now as I am currently taking on new clients. 


If you want to make real changes through starting new habits, get in touch with me

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