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Jan 17, 2022

Daily Habits To Improve Life in 6 Easy Ways

By Arisha

Originally this post was part of last week’s post because these daily habits to improve life complimented also making time for yourself. 

 But as soon as I sat down and started typing, I realised there were so many ways in which I multi-task to create daily habits that improved my life (and that work side hustle balance),  that makes so much sense, especially if you are trying to do more with your day. 


What is habit stacking?


Habit stacking is where you join a habit you already are doing with one you want to start doing. 

 Below I share my daily habits  that have helped me improve my life by: 


  • leave my 9-5 
  • build a better understanding of myself and what I am capable of 
  • start my dream path 


We are our habits, and changing them immediately doesn’t really work, unless you have a really big why!

But not all of us have this in the beginning stages or creating a better life for ourselves. 


Daily Habits To Improve Life in 6 Easy Ways

Daily habits to improve life through habit stacking


Having a work – side hustle balance, and decrease the frustrations of struggling to do both. 

Before any of the following can happen and work, you need to know more about who you are, and your patterns. 

Self awareness is so important to be able to know the good habits to continue and ones you need to squeeze out of your life. 

Next is to know what you want to do, what you want to increase, what you want to focus more on, and who you really want to become. 

Once you have found your pattern and know what you want to do! Very important step! You can move on to fitting all that you want to do with the time you already have.

Like I said, I would be out of the house from 7 – 7, and that was on a day where I wasnt meeting a friend, on a date or work drinks! Which was more often than I can actually remember !


So realistically where was the time I could carve out daily habits to improve my life?


1. On the way to work


It’s now much easier as I have gotten into a pattern of audibles and podcasts, but I used to carry a book with me everywhere I go (I still do this but only on longer journeys and not during rush hour). 

So whilst I was hopping from train to tube I would use this time to research through books and podcasts about things that inspire me or teach me something to expand my mind. 


What I didn’t realise this was doing for me was keeping my mind focused on what I wanted out of life, instead of living the same day over and over again. 

I was being, inspired, and creating new ways of thinking.


 2. Lunch 



I am telling you now, your lunch can be broken up and you have to take it. 

I used to go for walks, I do this to this day, which you know if you follow my insta stories. 

But getting out in the fresh air, and giving yourself some time, stops things getting out of control in your mind. 

So I spend 30 mins walking, and this is a must. Then I eat, or catch up on msgs or just sit by myself. Alone time is the only time that you will be able to find out more about yourself. 

It is really important when creating daily habits to improve your life that you know you and your foundations really well. 

If you want to take this a step further, and make your job search easier, find out what your values are. 

What about your life, the people around you and what you do, are must-haves. If you want to know mine, dm me. 

Daily Habits To Improve Life in 6 Easy Ways

3. Turn my frown upside down. Lol

Ok so i was one of those people who would rush through their mornings, and really leave everything to the last minute. I never wanted to actually get up and go to work. 

Things have most definitely shifted since I started my own business. 

To make my mornings better and to shift my energy and create more space for me, I blast my music during my shower and get ready time. 

It works like a charm, and I love a little dance session when I don’t want to do something. 

It really shifts my energy levels. The saying is true, motion changes your emotion. 

If you want to work on something new, you have to be excited about it, but if you are still living in your frustration then you will never tap into your creativity for long enough to improve your life. 

Your side hustle deserves your best side, so get into it from the get go. 

Daily Habits To Improve Life in 6 Easy Ways

4. Down time before bed

We all know sleep is one of the most important things for ourselves, but it is very rarely treated as such. Having a night time routine, where you do your gratitude list, a celebration list and make a note of all the things you could have done better enables you to slow down before you go to bed. 

It’s so important to me to rest properly and honor myself by self assessment and challenging myself to learn more about what I need to work on every day allows me to see the patterns of my bad habits. 

This is key when developing new habits to improve your life  because it’s in your bad habits that you build that strength and know who you are and what your strengths are. 

Knowing what your bad habits are is a good thing as you can see what you will need to let go of inorder to create space for the daily habits that will improve your life.  

Daily Habits To Improve Life in 6 Easy Ways

5. Journal every day

Journaling became crucial when I started my emotional intelligence journey, as it’s not good enough to say you’re sad, and not know what triggered it. 


Journaling allows you especially if you are an overthinker to really assess if your thoughts are supporting your next steps or holding you back from making the necessary changes. 


I would journal in my lunch, or give myself time as soon as I got home to see what was going on, whilst my dinner was cooking. Today I do it straight after I am ready for my day to know what’s going on and to clear some stuff in my mind.

6 Accountability partner


This one was more important than I realised. 


I’ve had a few during my business journey, and I can honestly say that these are crucial. When you are on your own, they’re like staff meetings to think about how to progress and focus on what is important. 


Having an accountability buddy to meet every week to keep you focused but also to discuss what direction you want to go in, and what you want to do with your next steps for improvement is so helpful. 


It no longer needs to stay in your mind, and having someone to talk to is nice as starting your own thing can get really lonely sometimes. 


It also helps you stay on track and make plans and not let time slip away whilst you procrastinate on issues that you cannot seem to get done. 

Daily Habits To Improve Life in 6 Easy Ways


Also this is one of the services I provide, so if you need one, reach out.


I hope these habits will help you stay driven and concentrated on your journey and not waste time like i did at the beginning of my journey, and as usual, if you need any support do not hesitate to reach out. 



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